Tips on writing HTML for email

avoid writing it! 

but if you can’t avoid it 

  1. Read and pratice documentation (edited) 
  2.  Try a course

    Explore the nuances of email clients and how to build designs for them with inline styles, tables for layout, and conditional comments.

  3. Tool up 
  4. Regret ever wanting to build emails lol




HTML Email Design Course

MailChimp UX Designer Fabio Carneiro demonstrates how to build a full-featured, mobile-friendly email from scratch. Using the proper mix of HTML, CSS, and media queries, you can design an effective message fit for laptops and mobile devices, no matter what kind of content you need to send.Knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended before taking this course.




How to Create HTML Email: Creating a Responsive HTML Email - Udemy

Create attractive, responsive, HTML Emails, that work in over 30 combinations of the most commonly used email clients.



Code School

Learn to Create HTML Emails - Code School