Live March 14! AMA with Jim Huffman, GrowthHit CEO, Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook and Techstars Mentor

Jim Huffman is the author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook, the #1 new release on Amazon in marketing, and the co-founder of GrowthHit, a growth consultancy for startups and e-commerce brands.  


Jim has led growth at three different startups that went from idea to over $10M in sales and got featured by WSJ, TechCrunch or the TODAY Show. He has grown his consultancy to over $50,000 MRR.


Jim serves as a growth mentor for Techstars, a startup accelerator.  He has advised and taught marketing to brands that include Sephora, General Assembly, OREO, Hot Wheels, and more.  He is a marketing instructor through General Assembly and the ANA.


Bonus: Jim is a clueless dad to a 19month old girl, an NBA superfan and an aspiring omelet chef.