Hello site visitor, 
Thank you for stopping by my site.  I guess I should tell you a little about myself. 

Artist Turn Developer

First of all I am traditionally trained as an artist. I love sketching out my idea, painting(oil,temper,water color), and graphic art. But then I had an introduction to Print and web Design. I got to work as a print design/web designer for more than a year and despite the fact that I hated code I wanted to interact with the things that I made.So starting with html and CSS I begin working my way around tutorials, small clients, and reading blogs. And of course a never ending list of Google searches for placing DIVS in Ie6 right position. 

Thankfully I got started while ie6 was still standard. I got to learn the old school and new school. Which is still relevant if your doing html emails. I got to work as a PHP developer to learn WordPress, and Drupal. In the last 3 years I done everything from setting up a server, to finding a hacker and working on security. I guess touching everything from the server to the design on paper gives me the full-stack label.


I'm an entrepreneur and lover of all things JavaScript. Recent alumni of DreamIt Ventures accelerator program for startups. I enjoy reading about JavaScript MVC frameworks and API development. I'm just getting into Rails and NodeJS to add to my server side skills. My goal this year is to write both a rails and node application. And develop my ability to write cleaner coding patterns. I hold multiple subscriptions to keep my education going:
Codeschool, GrowthHacker.tv, Railscast, Drupalize.me