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Milanote: Your new creative hub

A tool for the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

Creating an Animated Login Form for TouchID

I came across this amazing Dribbble shot by Jakub Reis a while back. It caught my eye and I knew that I just had to try recreating it in code.

Spotify Wrapped 2018 - Technical Case Study

A look under the hood at the technology and techniques used to power Spotify Wrapped 2018.

The Thumb Zone

My driving principle while designing RECaf was to make the app "thumb-able."

A CSS Venn Diagram

A few years ago I made a Venn diagram using floats and absolute positioning.

Google Design's Best of 2018

Our annual review highlights the year's noteworthy design projects

Issue #344

New CSS Logical Properties

New CSS Logical Properties

Elad Shechter gives an introduction to the logical properties in CSS.

Extending CSS with JavaScript


My struggle with colors, part II

Building an accessible color system from scratch.

YouTube FanFest Case Study

To better present itself to their growing fan base, YouTube FanFest went through a global rebranding exercise.